Sports Results

From the beginning of our family, all our dogs were very athletic. All adult dogs are licensed and have a working certificate.
Grace has the title of Latvian Champion and Estonia Champion in Lure Coursing. Grace took part in the 2019 European Championships as a representative of our country, and showed an excellent result there! She also has the title of “Twin Cup Winner” and “Derby Winner“!

Boss. He is a special dog. He has been my undeniably favourite since birth. Boss has the Champion of Latvia title in coursing, and 1st place in the rating among male whippets for 2022. Boss has been nominated to compete in the 2023 World Lure Coursing Championships in Sweden. Unfortunately, he was seriously injured and was unable to participate in this event.

Boss is a unique male, he is not only an excellent athlete, but also very handsome. Boss has received “Beauty and performance” title for 2 years in a row, in 2021 and 2022. Then, he was granted the same title from Latvian Sighthound Club among all breeds, not just whippets. I am happy that this boy is from my breeding and lives in my home. He is very special!

Angie also has a working certificate and a license for Lure Coursing. She has no championship yet, but a girl is allowed to be simply beautiful. I can see, however, how splendidly she can hunt in the forest. She has excellent tactics and skills of a real hunting dog. Of course, I work hard to ensure that no wild animals are harmed because I love all animals.

It’s very exciting to go to lure coursing events in the company of like-minded people! Photo from the archive.

I am happy about our puppies sports results. Our puppy Winston (Winner Soul Tida’s Treasure) became became sports star and LV LC CLUB WINNER! Owner Agnese Strante, thank You for your love and care!

All my dogs has Work Certificate !